July (late) Retreat 2022

What a terrific group for our 2nd July ’22 retreat. From USA, Australia and NZ We welcomed Liz, Alex, Sono, Kaye and Matt.

Lots of laughs and plenty of healing … these guests brought a great group energy to Bali and … to us. Thank you.


10/10!! It’s hard to put the amazing experience into words! The hospitality, venue and people you meet during your journey here is something you’ll never experience anywhere else. I’m forever grateful for the ‘reset’ this provided for my life and I never would have been able to meet the group of experienced experts who worked with us had I not attended this retreat. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Lachowitzer


It’s a WOW from me…..I’m home now and still soaking up the experience. From the moment I made contact with Mitchell I knew this was the retreat for me. Paradise for me was where I felt safe to be me i could surrender and open up about my life,learn new techniques of relaxation and healing.The practices of all of our therapists were so special ,individualized and shared with love and compassion .Top that with the most beautiful food made with love by magic made and wayan and awesome humour from Mitchell and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a life experience you will never forget. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Mandi Bryson


I made the choice to seek out a retreat in Bali, I felt I needed to rebalance my self and make a couple of changes along the way. I feel that by choosing the Holistic Retreat Bali I made one of the best investments in me.

This retreat truly has the best most authentic team around them.

Mitch is a true Facilitator of people who divides the platform for individuals whatever your background to come together in a safe place to heal you.

We had beautiful big rooms, for your own privacy and space, we all came together daily for our meals which were simply delicious.

Our days started with yoga and meditation. We were given a program at the beginning of our stay with was very well balanced and not overloaded. Each healer that we saw was very invested in you and giving you the support, guidance that they had to offer. I was very impressed with all of the professionals that I was very fortunate to have meet.

I cannot recommend Holistic Retreat Bali enough…. Invest in you book your retreat today!

Lynne (Perth)

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