Our Promises To You

  • There will be no judgement, lecturing, ‘shoulds’ or instructions on decisions only you can make about your life. Rather, you will be guided gently to your own conclusions and decisions.
  • The emphasis is on discovery, awareness, acceptance and moving forward. You will experience relief and a real optimism for your future.
  • You will receive a proven set of ‘tools’ to continue your personal growth and goal attainment at home.
  • The particular permutation of therapies and healings are designed to align your energy and remove ‘blocks’ leading to greater clarity and those ‘a-ha’ moments increasing.
  • You will feel incredibly relaxed, inspired and grateful for your life.
  • You will have experienced wonders that few others do and have an open mind as to just what is possible in your life.
  • The group activities will be a sample that will hopefully encourage you to continue on well after the retreat.
  • You will return home with that firm knowing of ‘I knew there was more to life!’
  • You will have fun, you will relax, you will be amazed and you will leave us with hope born of experience and a real plan to change your life as you see fit.

“I loved everything about this retreat! From the moment I arrived, I felt completely relaxed and therefore able to benefit from all the amazing experiences that appeared before me; to be able to try so very many different healing modalities was incredible and immensely beneficial.
Having been through quite a difficult time, I was made to feel very safe and supported both by Mitch and my fellow retreaters for which I am truly grateful. I am sure that feeling of safety facilitated the speed of my healing.
I would recommend Bali Holistic to anyone. Mitch has provided a sanctuary that I did not know existed.”

 –   Katrina McCrossan, August, 2019 Retreat 

Everyone is different

Everyone comes with varying levels of willingness and spiritual growth, so to predict exact outcomes for all guests would be arrogant and dishonest. That said, results are overwhelmingly surprising & beyond expectations.