September 2022 Retreat

A huge thanks to Daniel, Jordan, Rachel, Catherine, Dave and Anna for making the trip to Bali for the September 2022 retreat. Great mix of energies and personalities made for a really enjoyable week … for staff as well. We wish all 6 guests the very best in personal success and happiness.


The retreat was an incredible experience from start to finish. Everyday we had relaxing and spiritual activities, from meeting traditional healers (that will blow your mind) to morning meditations.

The villa is beautiful and for our stay we had delicious healthy foods and juices.

The retreat was a spiritual and eye-opening experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I learnt so much about myself and about living a holistic lifestyle.

Mitch and his wonderful staff facilitated the whole experience with the warm and welcoming environment to all. I would recommend this retreat to others.

Jordan (NZ)


There are key moments in life, like answers, insights… This retreat had that effect on me.

A week that leads us to understand ourselves better, to adapt more.

The term Holistic takes its meaning here, the approach is both global and individual, like the garden of this beautiful house. Each element brings something to us.

The atmosphere, the encounters, the experiences, the discoveries, the therapists are all part of it.

You feel good here, and you simply feel good.

You feel lighter, more in tune with others and with yourself.

Thanks to Mitch and his team, this retreat can only do you good.

Like a before and after ….

Catherine (Brisbane)


The retreat is a fantastic experience.

The villa itself was a great place to stay with a calm atmosphere, delicious food and great staff. But the highlights are the many experiences – some relaxing, some challenging but all were memorable and unique.

Big thanks to Mitch, his team and the other guests for a week to remember!

Daniel (Melbourne)