March 2020 Retreat

Our March retreat was blessed to receive 2 guests from Canada and Australia. They were wonderful at exploring everything & anything outside their safety zone. ​Thank you ladies for staying true to self and joining us. Both are already missed here.    I was very blessed and humbled to be part of such a wonderfulContinue reading

February 2020 Retreat

Thank you to Heidi, Mel, Shay, Susan & Jake for joining us on the February 2020 retreat. We here at Holistic Retreat Bali wish you all a happy and serene path as you continue to practice what you discovered here. Thanks also for the laughs … there were many! My experience with Mitch and hisContinue reading

December 2019 Retreat

The exact right people at the perfect time came together for the last retreat of 2019.  Nick, Jeff, Glenda, Marina & Jody. You didn’t bring the rain we needed but you sure brought some laughs and healing. Thank you. This retreat was truly a blessing in my life. Mitch is gifted at bringing the rightContinue reading

Below are testimonials posted by former guests.
For the sake of brevity we present a few.

I had such an awesome time on this retreat and met some beautiful souls. It was really well structured with 3 healthy meals a day (THANK YOU Made and team, love you guys), with the right amount of healers and trips outside the retreat. I’ve taken some excellent tools away with me and it’s helped me refocus on my goals. I just wanted to say THANKS to Mitch for being a great facilitator and making sure that we were all looked after, bless you!!

    – Amit, 24 Jun 2019

Finding Mitch’s retreat turned out to be absolutely the best thing at the best time for me. This year started with a life threatening diagnosis, but after deciding to ‘own’ the situation and not be defined by it, I researched where to go to strengthen my resolve. A big part of ‘Paradise’ was the limit to six guests, the variety of healers and different treatments. Not a ‘lie round the pool and order another cocktail’ kind of a place, but a sanctuary of meditation and extraordinary experiences. Mitch in his relaxed way guided us through many discussions over the meal table, and a lot was to be learnt! So so lucky with the mix of people from different continents, we bonded really well, and laughed our way through some special and inexplicable events! Late evening cake safari was one of the highlights! Thank you to Mitch and especially the wonderful and intuitive Made. I came home with one physical change and the seeds of many spiritual changes. Bali Holistic fabulousness…

– Sue Knox, 23 June 2019

What I was most grateful for…
Feeling alike the 5 ladies on our journey, Sharing our deep breath meditation experience together – just wow. Mitch’s very welcome quirky sense of humor which kept the retreat real and grounded less any unnecessary fluff. Made’s nurturing love & care which made it feel like home and family, Understanding from all when I needed a little me time. Our final brunch together where we could celebrate our journey together mindlessly and reconnect playfully. To have experienced spiritual freedom. There are many more but I don’t want to spoil the surprise
Thanks Mitch & family, so appreciative of that week

– Samantha Tamba, 6 June 2019

Wow….a week that felt like it took a month…but so worthwhile. Fabulous healers that go beyond what I have ever experienced before. Love to everyone and much gratitude for making this such a life changing the lovely ladies on this retreat, thanks for cool to meet you all….dont forgot the NZ lamb, kapiti cheeses and wines we will have when you come over for dinner lol.
Many many thanks to Mitch, Made, Nash, Bridget, Gaby…and all the other healers who made this trip so special.

– Alex Taylor, 8 June 2019

Relaxing, welcoming, rejuvenating with a touch of adventure. Truly unique experience providing me with the tools to increase my passion for a better lifestyle, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and allowing me to approach everything every day. It was a week filled with personal discovery, emotional cleansing, recovery and fulfilment. I came with an open mind, let go of my expectations and surrendered myself to the process, sometimes it wont be easy but you’ll be so glad you did. Thank you Mitch, Made, Elu, all of the healers and the five beautiful women who attended the retreat with me for this life changing experience, Elizabeth xoxo

– Elizabeth Driver, 28 May 2019

Coming on this retreat I whole heartedly believed I would leave a happier me. I knew my heart was seeking something and that BALI, this retreat had what I needed. What I didn’t know was that I would leave completely changed! My world was tilted on its axis! Never before in my life was I able to look at my self in the mirror and smile like I did at loved ones, or passing strangers! The infinite power and grace of our universe blessed me and for that I am eternally changed! And forever grateful! Thank you so much Mitch for your loving kindness and opening your home to us all! Thank you for sharing your incredible wisdom and sharing your connections with us for a most powerful weekend! This experience was breathtakingly beautiful and I will cherish the friendships and memories I gained for all my life!

– Christen Hansen, 24 April 2019

It has taken me a few weeks to digest and find the right words to accurately describe my time at Villa Paradise. From the moment I arrived, the first out of six guests for the March retreat, I felt at home and at ease. I felt that I could at last relax and unburden my mind from the stresses of the everyday routine, the constant nagging in my mind to push myself beyond capacity, and let go of the tightness in my body. What freedom.
The week that followed was even more incredible than I had imagined and I found myself on the most amazing journey of self discovery. Holistic healing had not been much of a consideration in the past. But let me say it has become the most vital part of my being and has started a journey I can only hope will last a lifetime.
From the beginning, Mitch was a gracious host who shared not only every meal but also his wisdom, love and support for whatever emotional baggage we happened to bestow upon him.
Thank you, Mitch, for listening and absorbing what we brought to the table every day. It means more than I can articulate and I feel that I have gained such a valuable friendship that I can call upon at any time for support, to remind me what is important and to encourage the journey I am on.
To Kerry, Amanda, Vicky, Renee and Chris – thank you for embarking on this journey with me and for opening your hearts so fully. What an incredible experience to share! I always felt so supported and surrounded by courage and not once doubted the purpose we were all brought together.
Thank you to Monica, Bridget, Jon, Kadek, kako, Indri, Made, Iluh – you have opened my eyes to a world of love, support, mindfulness and happiness. So many things that have seemed so foreign for so long in my life.
I initially saw this retreat as a stepping stone in my journey. I now see it as a spring board that has allowed me to leap forward and view the world and my circumstances in a whole new light.
Thank you for this experience. I will treasure it and share what I have learnt with so many if it means they too can start their own journeys of discovery.

– Kate, 9 April 2019

Holistic Bali Retreat was a remarkable journey of self reflection, growth and empowerment. My decision to attend the retreat stemmed from a deep need for change in my life and I found all that I needed to make it happen when I returned home. There is a certain point in one’s life where time and space are needed to gain perspective.
The staff at Bali Holistic Retreat provided a beautiful, safe and comfortable environment that supported my journey. I experienced a number of alternative physical and spiritual healings that have no doubt changed me for the better. I would recommend this retreat to anyone seeking change and would in particular recommend it to solo travelling women. I felt very safe throughout the journey.
I do recommend extending your stay a few days to explore Bali and process a bit before attempting to travel home.

– Amanda, 7 April 2019

At 42 years of age and never having travelled on my own abroad before, this was quite a leap of faith for me. But from my first enquiry a few months ago, right through to going back to the airport at the end of my trip last week, Mitch was the perfect facilitator putting me at my ease, and giving me the confidence and re-assurance that I could do this. I knew the week on this retreat would be life enhancing, but I did not realise that it was going to be life changing.
The week itself was a perfect mix of activities, such as yoga, tai-chi and meditation; therapies; and different energy healings, but also giving enough free time to be able to take everything in and process all the information and help we were given.
I got so much more out of the whole experience than I ever thought possible. Mitch, and everyone who works with him, are total professionals who are clearly excellent at what they all do. Mitch has a wonderful way of not only being the perfect host to everyone individually, but also to us as a whole group. Villa Paradise really is a slice of paradise – a safe haven for us all to explore our own vulnerabilities and personal challenges, and to come out feeling like you can take on the world.
I cannot praise this retreat enough. Everything, from the food and the amazing juices everyday made by the wonderful Made; to sharing this experience with people you have never met before, that become friends for life; to the mind expanding healings and treatments; and of course to Mitch; I genuinely cannot say enough positive things about this week. I took a massive step outside my comfort zone and ventured half way across the world on my own, and it is something that I will never forget, and that has changed my life for the better.
Thank you to Mitch, and everyone that works with you (a little special mention to the lovely Bridget as well), and also to my friends that I made on the retreat: Kerry; Amanda; Kate; Renee: and Chris. It was the best decision I ever made to take this journey xx

– Vicky, 29 March 2019

What an amazing experience!
Beautiful facilities, people, food, weather, sessions, healers etc…My daughter and I were so drawn to Bali, felt the need to take in a retreat. Read content and reviews on many that were offered! But felt very drawn to this amazing retreat. We were so well guided! Mitch runs a life changing retreat.
Such an amazing group of like minded people. Felt a beautiful connection immediately with these beautiful people. Made life long friends!
Such a nice blend of yoga, meditation, healings, pool time, experiences. So much variety! Absolutely loved our week.
Very gifted healers. Made past pains surface, feel them and release!
Left with so much love in my heart!
Thanks Mitch!!

– Melaine Bauche, 25 February 2019

My mother and I were referred to this wonderful retreat from a friend who had attended a few months prior. Thank goodness we took her seriously and booked because it was the most wonderful and life changing experience. Bali and the experiences that Mitch coordinates for his guests will forever hold a special place in my heart.
Mitch has hand selected tried and true healers from all walks of life including several traditional balinese healers. The experiences that guests receive are well rounded and serve you physically, mentally and emotionally and it is quite the journey! Expect to laugh, expect to cry and most importantly, expect to fall in love with the people, places and faces you meet at Bali Holistic Retreat!
If the healing and personal growth opportunity isn’t enough to sway your decision, let the capacity to build these lifelong friendships and memories bring you here.
For you I am eternally grateful,
Thank you Mitch and your tremendous healing family <3

– Lacey, 25 February 2019

A spur of the moment decision to join this retreat turned out to be the best decision of my life. Mitch does everything to ensure the retreat is of the highest quality & he injects his Aussie humor & candor along the way. All of the healers & practitioners had something unique to offer & each of them individually are of the highest standards to ensure breakthroughs in whatever areas of life you require.
I have come away with a new family & experiences I will never forget.
I absolutely loved that we went to see a Balian healer & a Listrik healer as both experiences were incredible. The visit to the Temple with Kadek informing us every step of the way was a real highlight also.
As the week evolved, layer by layer healing occurred, mentally, emotionally & physically. Made provided so much love & support along with absolutely delicious, colorful & healthy meals.
This is not just a relaxing retreat it is a place to dive deep into yourself & grow amid the most supportive
Thanks Mitch for the most wonderful week

– Oceana Hawkins, 21 February 2019

It has been just over two weeks since returning from this gem of a retreat and I can still feel it linger in the cells of body, within the essence of my spirit and in my heart.
By divine grace this retreat found me in an unexpected online search one Sunday morning and upon hearing about it I reached out to Mitch (the bubbly kind hearted sincere facilitator) – who was patient with offering email exchanges and space to find out if this was the place for me. Something in me knew I had to go on this trip.
If this has found you – all I can say is there is reason and you need to trust it and lean into it. I look back at those treasured days and it feels like a dream – a dream to grant myself the space to go on a deeper journey within surrounded in a beautiful space. A sacred retreat created by Mitch, supported by the warmth and nourishing foods prepared with such love by Made and Eeluh and of course the uniquely gifted and grounded healers.
I learnt on this trip every healer we will ever meet is unique – and if you are open to it they will reveal a part of yourself to you in a way and message that only that individual can bring.
There is a knowing that the effects of this trip will stay with me for a long time and it has been an incredibly soulful nourishing experience. One which continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. I am so appreciative of this retreat and all the lovely beings who make it what it is – thank you.

– London Linda, 22 November 2019

I came to this retreat not sure what to really expect but definitely knew that if I came with an open mind and let things happen as they did I wouldn’t be disappointed…and I wasn’t!
This retreat is like none-other. Mitch (retreat owner/facilitator) along with Made and Eluh has carefully crafted an environment where you feel 100% comfortable and at ease. While I’d say retreats or getaways are “tourist” oriented – meaning that they’ll take you around town and stop at tourist destinations for shopping, people you meet have no connection to the people who run the retreat, etc. This retreat is not like that. Mitch is really focused on why you’re here and how he can help. He will never try to sell you anything or pitch anything.
The healers that you meet on this retreat – amazing. The healers you meet have personally known Mitch for many years and/or come as recommendations from people he trusts. You won’t find these healers in the phone books or with ads in touristy spots. They’re real and they definitely know what they’re doing.
I won’t go into details my personal experience as I think everyone needs to experience this themselves but I will say that I did flip-flop a bit on coming as I came all the way from Canada (flights/distance are pretty high from this side of the world!). I’m super happy I decided to come on the retreat. It is truly one of the most amazing experiences you will have and Mitch, Made and Eluh are the absolute best! Miss you all! ❤️

– Linda Nguyen, 1 December 2019

If you’re looking for experience that will truly open your mind, body and soul to authentic healing and spiritual growth, you don’t need to look any further than Holistic Retreat Bali. If you need a second opinion? Ask me again – I’m a raving fan!
Big bunches of love and thanks to Mitch and the incredible healers who invested so much during the December 2018 retreat. It is an experience that will remain close to my heart forever more.
In the year or so leading up to the retreat, I’d say I had hit rock bottom and was cracked right open emotionally. I was carrying scars and deep emotional wounds from grief and trauma. The retreat enabled me to re-balance my energy, restore faith in myself and equipped me with tools to make a positive difference in my personal and spiritual growth.

– Pam Foster, 26 December 2018

I was treated like a queen at Bali Holistic Health Retreat with three delicious, nourishing meals served every day. These long slow lunches were heaven for me because not only was each meal well balanced but they were accompanied by conversation with the other guests and the nicest herbal teas I have ever tasted.
The massage therapy was bliss on a table while the healers knew exactly what they were doing and what to focus on.
At home I suffer from body pains, stomach aches and depression however on the retreat there was not one moment where I felt sadness of any kind. My headaches went away and I have never felt more alive.
I loved my spacious bedroom and the daybed I could rest on in between treatments where I was free to daydream, read or journal.
I have come home equipped with some affirmations and am inspired to make a change in the new year.
Thank you to Mitch and the Staff at Bali Holistic. You are the best!!!

– Laura Hayter, 29 December 2018

I loved everything about this retreat! From the moment I arrived, I felt completely relaxed and therefore able to benefit from all the amazing experiences that appeared before me; to be able to try so very many different healing modalities was incredible and immensely beneficial.
Having been through quite a difficult time, I was made to feel very safe and supported both by Mitch and my fellow retreaters for which I am truly grateful. I am sure that feeling of safety facilitated the speed of my healing.
I would recommend Bali Holistic to anyone. Mitch has provided a sanctuary that I did not know existed.

– Katrina McCrossan, 1 January 2019

Wow what a week. I arrived in Bali a broken man but definitely left feeling positive and confident in the tools i had been provided to continue to move forward. Mitch has put together a fantastic program which included outstanding food and accommodation.
I highly recommend this retreat as i will remember this week for the rest of my life, I went in not knowing anything about the week ahead which was the best thing as i completely opened up and allowed myself the opportunity to heal. Thank you Mitch for an amazing week and a life changing experience.

– Grant Foster, 16 November 2018

Coming to this retreat was one of the best decision I had made. I had never looked deeper within me until now. Mitch had took care of us like family and the ladies in the villa were very warm and welcoming. They served us good home cooked meals and the fresh juices and tea were just what we needed, very raw and organic.
All the sessions with the healers were all new to me but these had helped me feel all the emotions I had unconsciously buried within me. It was mind blowing, my spiritual awareness had been opened. Plus the good and soothing meditation sessions and massages we got. On top of these, their is much learning we got from our fellow participants. We didn’t know each before the retreat and now we feel very connected.
Bali is such an enchanting place and this program of holistic treatments was just the right healing for me. I left the place definitely better than when I first arrived. I know have more understanding and carried on with the practice with a grateful heart.

– Tina, 28 October 2018

This was my first retreat and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed learning about different types of yoga and working with new healers daily.
A lot of it was very new to me and I was excited to learn about it all. I was sad when it was the last day of the week but i was excited to put everything that i learned into practice. I learned a lot about myself and had a lot of clarity during the time I was there.
Mitch and the entire team are amazing & I can’t wait to go to Bali and visit them all. I highly recommend this retreat for those who want to learn and experience a wide range of meditations, healing, yoga and more.

– Anayeli, 4 October 2018

I’m struggling to put into words what this retreat meant to me. Without exaggerating, it was very special and something I will never forget.
I love that the retreat offers a range of sessions and healers, and that treatments can vary widely in tune with individual needs or desires.
I am naturally sceptical about things I don’t understand but I came with an open mind and had some incredible experiences.
There was opportunities for self reflection, personal insights, and spiritual growth, which I was searching for. There was also time to relax and go with the flow in a nurturing environment.
A big thanks to Mitch and everyone involved in the retreat.

– Josh, 22 September 2018

If you have come across this website and are thinking about it, do it.
I arrived at this retreat a bit broken and not sure what to expect but willing to experience it with an open mind. I left with more clarity and many tools to make my life more joyous and equiped to deal with the stuff life throws at us. Mitch, thank you for your patience and kind words. Made, Elu, the rest of the staff and all the healers were amazing. I am grateful for this experience. 
I miss everyone already and am so grateful for the friendships made.
So, like I said, if you are thinking about it, just do it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.Nothing but love,

– Pauline, 17 August 2018

This is the 2nd time I have been to this holistic retreat and I love it just as much As the 1st time. I will never stop looking or working or learning. And I have been able to bring a large portion of Mitch’s retreat and his thinking home with me. I loved Mitch’s approach to meditation. His wisdom and great conversation. And Made and Elu looked after us.And it was so nice to have such friendly staff.
They felt like family. Every healer I met with, connected with me, on a compassionate level. A truly incredible experience. And thank you again Mitch I feel we are now family.
Lindi .xx

– Lindi Saik, 17 August 2018

Like everyone else on my retreat I booked with no personal referral and was nervous about how the week was going to go.
I can say it surpassed my expectations on every level. I am not an experienced traveller, however when I have been away it tends to be 4 to 5 star. I like to be comfortable!I was met at the airport and driven to the villas by a very competent driver. The accommodation was lovely, very comfortable and spacious.
Mitch does not present as your traditional health guru! However his sense of humour, caring, and immense knowledge and interest in the process of being human was fabulous. He was always available and working to make each of our individual experiences as good as it could be.
I LOVED all the different healers. The week was perfect on this level. There was a bit of everything and all the healers were experienced and excellent at what they do.
And finally the food… Made is a dream. Along with her team they produce lovely food and all Gluten Free which was fantastic for me.
A wonderful group of women the week I went, diverse in age, country and life situations, but we all bonded well.
Thank you Mitch and the team for a week I will not forget.

– Tania, 8 August 2018

What to say that hasn’t already been said? The week was amazing, challenging, life changing, thought provoking, intense and indescribable! Thoughtful and supportive therapists and the fantastic, caring retreat staff made the experience unforgettable and the friendships that have been made are precious. Thank you all!

– Caroline Dressel, 1 August 2018

When I booked this retreat I wasn’t quite sure what to expect…What I did know was that I was not in a great head space and felt like my soul needed healing. I arrived at the retreat 100% open minded and all week I felt like a kid a Disney Land. The retreat completely opened my mind to therapies and treatments that I had only heard of and never experienced. Wow! What an experience and adventure was had. I walk away feeling confident that what I have learned I can implement and practice in my life. The icing on the cake is the staff at the villa, what gems! You are made to feel comfortable and special all week. From being served a daily tea that meets your needs and super meals day in day out, they are beyond special and I am beyond grateful. Thanks Mitch and staff I will always remember

– Debbie, 7 July 2018

From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave Mitch and the team (the amazing team) make you feel like your the most important guest in the world.This retreat will give you more back than you expect, it will open your eyes to what is possible and it will change you as a person. You can take or leave as much of it as you want and can easily incorporate into your daily life the things you learn here to keep reaping the benefits, after the retreat is over.
The organisation of the retreat is exceptional, you have many things to do in the day each one you will look forward to, with a balance between massages and the heavier more emotional stuff and day trips. Its a perfect balance of treatments and also plenty of quiet down time to chat and relax with the other amazing guests. The other guests at the retreat have become life long friends who I am already missing this week!
The value for money of just the retreat accommodation and food (amazing organic fresh food – the tastiest food I think I have ever eaten!!) alone is worth it 🙂 Anyone thinking of doing this retreat, don’t think just do it, it will be the best decision you ever make for your well being and personal development.
What Mitch has delivered in this last week is truely a credit to what an amazing person he is! So thank you Mitch.

– Tally, 5 July 2018

Thanks Mitch for a fantastic retreat. Your villa, your staff, your healers, your drivers were all amazing and the food was fantastic! I loved every moment. Made some great new friends and had lots of laughs. I cannot recommend this retreat enough… just go and enjoy yourself :).

– Kristen, 6 June 2018

A big thanks Mitch to you and your gifted team for a magical week that felt like two. The premises were wonderful and we were so lucky to have a mini sanctuary each to retreat to each night. I left feeling relaxed, more self aware and ready to make changes in my life.

– Anna, 24 June 2018

For a detailed review please click here. The link takes you to former guest Catrina McGrail’s blog where you will find a detailed description of her Holistic Retreat Bali experience. I also recommend browsing her site for personal accounts of all her travels. There’s allot of travel blogs ‘out there’. Catrina’s is one of the few genuine & honest portrayals of a legitimate world traveller.