Do you feel Energy Healing Retreats
are for more spiritual people?

These 6 nights in tranquil Bali will transform your life without enduring endless yoga poses, days of silence or hours of chanting. The villas are spacious, clean, safe and peaceful and yes, have WIFI and pools. Everything is included in a one-off cost.

An unforgettable week to focus solely on your happiness, relaxation and personal / spiritual growth.

Upcoming Retreat Dates

June 30 – Jul 6
July 21 – 27
August 18 – 24
September 15 – 21
October 13 – 19
November 10 – 16
December 15 – 21
January 12 – 18
February 16 – 22

"There are key moments in life, like answers, insights… This retreat had that effect on me. A week that leads us to understand ourselves better, to adapt more. The term Holistic takes its meaning here, the approach is both global and individual, like the garden of this beautiful house. Each element brings something to us. The atmosphere, the encounters, the experiences, the discoveries, the therapists are all part of it. You feel good here, and you simply feel good. You feel lighter, more in tune with others and with yourself. Thanks to Mitch and his team, this retreat can only do you good. Like a before and after …."

What you will Experience at Holistic Retreat Bali.

Reiki Healing

Accessing consciousness bars, body processes, Shamanism, EFT tapping, master manifesting technique, breath work , power of mind, Reiki, psychic readings and more.

Sound Healing

These sessions aim to aid with deeper discovery, insight and understanding, increase awareness of solutions, employ balancing techniques, and consider other supportive tools and techniques for your ongoing success.


This is not a one size fits all approach. Every person is different and emotions and mental states carefully considered before tailored dietary advice is given. Highly experienced and credentialed Nutritionist.

Tai Chi

Greatly improve your mental balance, strengthen your body and experience harmony in your life. This retreat offers an ideal starting point for those who've always wanted to try Tai Chi, and those who wish to use it regularly as a tool for well-being.

Astrology & Pain Body Healing

Transform those deep, unseen wounds into bliss, happiness and harmony … according to the universal laws. Through our application of ancient Chinese arts and sciences, we will assist you in discovering the gifts and an understanding of your unique life path.


Each guest receives 2 massages during their stay. A traditional Balinese session that will relax you in ways you may have forgotten. And, a therapeutic massage by our amazing medical intuitive who identifies and focuses on those areas that need attention. Special oils and teas given depending on the problems.


Each morning starts with a simple 'chakra meditation' and relaxation technique. Comfortable and laying down; you will be surprised what you 'see' by week's end.


Our therapist uses 'maps' of energy points in the feet, hands, and ears to determine where they should apply pressure. The aim is to keep qi (energy) flowing through the body, keeping it balanced and disease free.

Shamanic Healing

Utilising ancient wisdom teachings to locate and remove energetic blockages, restore energetic pathways in the body, remove ancestral and karmic karma, recover soul parts, and expand the realm of possibilities available for love and a life of purpose.

Traditional Healers

We have permission for our guests to visit and be treated by Bali's finest traditional healers in their homes. Those not on any 'tourist map'.

Organic Foods

All meals are served in the villa and prepared by our amazing Balinese 'cook'. Ingredients are gathered early each morning and prepared / cooked with love. We have catered for most allergies since 2013.

**All retreat programs include most of the above listed therapies / activities. The exact therapies for any given retreat are not known too far in advance as some healers are not always available or are travelling. All retreats include quality healers during every month.

A Premium Holistic Experience
that will Change Your Life.

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