Do you feel Energy Healing Retreats
are for more spiritual people?

These 6 nights in tranquil Bali will transform your life without enduring endless yoga poses, days of silence or hours of chanting. The villas are spacious, clean, safe and peaceful and yes, have WIFI and pools. Everything is included in a one-off cost.

An unforgettable week to focus solely on your happiness, relaxation and personal / spiritual growth.

Upcoming Retreat Dates

January 9th – 15th, 2022

We have made available Sunday, Jan 9th, 2022 for bookings.
As of 4th Nov, the time required for quarantine in Bali has been reduced to 2 nights. There is still no visa on arrival, but if guests are keen, we have a trusted visa agent who can organise that side of things easily.
We feel when January arrives, quarantine won’t be required, and visa on arrival probably back to normal.
No deposit is asked and full payment only after you’re sure of arriving. We understand the concern over travel changes and potentially lost deposits. Let’s get back to healing and growing. Guaranteed.


A life changing experience. I believe in things now that I never would have. I have filled a dark hole within that is now a strong light in my heart and my head. I felt truly happy. A gift that was shared by my fellow seekers. My friends. Mitch and his amazing team have left a legacy that is priceless. You can’t afford not to do this. Just keep an open mind and you’ll walk away with a full spirit and a Bali smile.

 –   Adam, September, 2017 Retreat 

What you will Experience at Holistic Retreat Bali.

PLUS a day trip that is truly spiritual and uniquely Balinese!

The morning is spent at Tampak Siring in the Tirta Empul Temple (Ubud) for a full cleansing ceremony. After a delicious lunch, guests are treated to a once in a life time experience with our ‘electric’ healers in their home. This is something that will never be forgotten and no words here can do the experience justice.

**All retreat programs include most of the above listed therapies / activities. The exact therapies for any given retreat are not known too far in advance as some healers are not always available or are travelling. All retreats include quality healers during every month.