Mitch Rilett

I’ve lived on this beautiful island since 2008, and prior to that, visited frequently for 30 years. I’ve counselled people from all walks of life since 2002 in the ideas and practices of happiness, and also those (and affected loved ones) with addiction issues … which manifest in a variety of destructive ways.

In 2011, I formalised my experience and credentials with the Inner-Voyage Holistic Life Counselling qualification. Prior to this, I worked in well known Australian media organisations including the ABC which exposed me to a global community and gradual awareness of my own spiritual needs and journey.

The Holistic Retreat Bali idea was born after meeting many good people who were visiting Bali with the intention of seeking spiritual awareness. In most cases, much time and money was squandered in the search of genuine traditional healers and spiritual advisors. Having spent years locating, and consequently working with traditional Balinese practitioners in my own pursuit of growth, I realised I could greatly smooth the path and journey for other like minded people.

If you’re seeking change, or on a path of self discovery and need some help to move forward, I’d love to work with you.

“I was very blessed and humbled to be part of such a wonderful holistic experience with Vivian who I now call my soul sister. Mitch I want to thank you for your generosity and care you took in leading us through each day as we safely explored and learned more about ourselves through the most astonishing healers and therapies. Made thank you for cooking and nourishing us at every meal and for the time you took to take care of us. I left with a big smile and joy in my soul. Thank you to the whole holistic team for all you gave and shared. You are all truly incredibly giving and kind human beings.”