Villa Paradise

The retreat venue is ‘Villa Paradise’. Please enjoy the array of pictures above. In the interests of integrity, they have not been photo-shopped, touched-up or edited in any way. The place is beautiful and colours even more vibrant than our humble little camera can duplicate. There are 2 x 3 bedroom villas connected. The area is very quiet, leafy and perfect for healing and a relaxing environment. There are 2 private swimming pools. WIFI and plenty of ‘tucked-away’ areas to sit and contemplate should you wish to. The bedrooms are huge and all have large en-suite, full bathrooms. Air conditioning and fans are available in each room. We’re very proud of this space and the energy we operate in …

“The retreat met all my expectations and more. I met wonderful people on my journey and would have no hesitation in recommending the retreat, I wish I could have staying another week. The location and setting is beautiful, tranquil and relaxing, with stunning landscaped gardens, two pools, pond and seating areas to relax. The rooms are very spacious with large bathrooms. What I loved about this retreat is that it is a small group of max six people, allowing time to yourself or catching up with others.I would like to thank all the healers for their insight, experience and treatments. A big thank you to Made the cook as the food is outstanding and she has great knowledge of food combinations and well being. I wanted to bring her back to NZ!! A big thank you for Mitch for offering this wonderful experience and organising everything. I’m so glad a booked this retreat, so take the plunge, go with an open mind and heart and amazing experiences will happen for you. Enjoy!!”

A Premium Holistic Experience
that will Change Your Life.