July (early) 2022 Retreat

We welcomed 6 guests for the early July retreat. A big thanks to Luci, Macaulay, Anna, Lynne, Mary and Vanessa for making it a really enjoyable experience. Plent of laughs, insights and lots of healing. Love to all from all of us here.


GENERAL – Bali Holistic offered a 7 day retreat with Mitch as the facilitator. He is wonderful – he drew everyone together, and even though there were of course different personalities – some quiet and others more rambunctuous, he managed to get the balance right with everyone. I met some truly great people – Mary, Lynne, Luciana, Anna and two lovely men – the very lovely McCauley, and of course Mitch, who is one of a kind. Mitch is thoughtful, accommodating and helpful in his approach, and is quick to make suggestions to assist in planning, etc. He also knows many people, so arranging for a driver, for laundry, etc. is simple and efficient.

ACCOMMODATON is just lovely – a huge bedroom and bathroom en suite with airconditioner (I chose a room with an outdoor shower – so good) and enormous amounts of cupboard space, along with a safe. Gorgeous patios to sit on, along with private Balinese style outdoor ‘beds’ to relax on, and wifi is included. The place is enormous, with a total of 6 bedroom en suites, 2 swimming pools, 2 kitchens and two sets of tables and chairs.

OUTDOOR AREAS – lovely and comfy couches to sit on and chat, and beautiful nature to enjoy. There were enough areas to be as social or not as one needed, in spaces that are homely, unpretentious and suited me so well. I felt at home from the beginning.

FOOD – shared meal times at the round table with THE BEST FOOD ever! Made and Wayan are both wonderfully creative in the kitchen, and all meals were special, gastronomically pleasing, healthful and well thought out, adapting to all palates and lifestyle food choices (I am vegetarian and mostly vegan, and others weren’t), with more than enough on offer.

PROGRAM – my purpose for going to this retreat was to work on myself – so many layers! and so much more to go. The experiences and treatments allows for one to delve in as deep as one wants to go, to really search within. The facilitators are pretty amazing – ALL OF THEM – and the ONLY critique I have is that it was a bit overwhelming with so much information coming at me, and not feeling like I had time to process it all, and at times I wasn’t able to write down what was being conveyed, and definitely forgot some of it. Of course there is no way to process it all in 7 days – it just doesn’t happen. What I can say is that I got something important out of everything that I participated in.

ON OFFER: meditation; yoga – different kinds; massages – different kinds; energy healing, cleansing ceremony (away from the villas) – I loved this ritual so much; listrik healer (away from the villas) – literally electric; reiki and others that I just can’t remember the specific names for now – the facilitators all gave me valuable information on what I could put into practice to assist with my longevity, going within and healing – pretty amazing!

If you are looking for something that is NOT surface stuff, and want to create a different life for yourself, I would suggest attending one of these retreats! Very well worth it. At the end of it all, the work to be done is ours alone – self-responsibility – this process helps to gain clarity on the steps needed to proceed.

Thank you, Mitch, and to everyone that I met through the journey – it was so special.

Warm wishes, Vanessa xxxx

My experience at Bali Holistic Retreat was everything I could hope for in my first post lock down trip from AU . From Mitch ( the facilitator) who coordinated the week and schedules for each guest perfectly to the many hand chosen therapists who amaze you with their insights into your soul.

A big thanks also to Eef who took us on an incredible morning to meet and experience a Balinese healer. Special thanks also to Made who cooked and served the amazing meals we had over the 6 days.

I met and made new “ besties “ from our group , Mitch included, and I cannot thank him enough for making the week everything I could of hoped for . . I will definitely be back every year for a recharge ! xxx


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