October 2022 Retreat

We have our first group of friends for the September 30 retreat. To Yvonne, Zoe, Maggie, Caron, Gert and Maria. Thanks for bringing so much energy and willingness. Lots of laughs between intense healing sessions. We all wish you an amazing future.


Upon approaching the retreat , I had butterflies was a tad nervous & also excited that I was doing a wellness retreat, the idea always appealed to me however booking one was just a thought, a dream really. I went with 5 friends & what an experience it was, we were indulged with therapies- yoga , massage , reiki , morning meditation , tai chi , healers , water blessings etc. I enjoyed the variety of different practices each individual, each nourishing your very soul.

Early to bed & early to rise, the villas are comfy, the outdoor spaces lush , I mean you are in Bali – & then you have Made , she nourished & fed us & laughed with us & her many concoctions , one being of lemon grass, honey & ginger tea are next level amazing , the list goes on …thank you Made & Wayan for your attention , kindness & love.

Mitch , you are a Gem ( I’m not joking , I’m being serious ! ) I enjoyed every meal at the round table with you , each conversation each p a u s e , thanks for being a fab facilitator , I look forward to catching up with you when I next visit Bali . X

Caron, Australia


This retreat was phenominal. Every aspect of healing was considered. The food is made deliciously to cleanse your body, the healers see into exactly what you need. The facility allows you to find space and time to reflect. Mitch has created an amazing program that I got so much out of. Thank you so much.

Zoe, Australia


Ok…. Here goes, I was a sceptic before the retreat and was pretty sure I would learn nothing, gain no insights and struggle with every moment I was there…. How wrong I was.

Mitch and the team are outstanding humans. The experiential learning I got was out of this world and boy oh boy was I amazed by some of the treatments I received. Thanks Mitch for your authenticity and for the laughs we had along the way.

Maria, Australia


Authentic retreat that welcomes all. Mitch the facilitator has created an amazing experience packed with various therapies and adventures. Some may bring up deep emotions others will blow your mind. Made, the hostess at the retreat is always on standby by natural therapies and ideas to cleanse the spirit and body. Small group programs making it very hands on. Rooms are authentic and the swimming pools are lovely.

Yvonne, Australia