October 2023 Retreat

A big thanks to Nina, Heather, Mary, Aasta and Jenny who joined us for the October 2023 retreat here at Villa Paradise in Bali. The mutual support, learning and healing interaction between all was fabulous.


“A transformative week spent aligning mind heart and soul in the healing light and warmth of Bali. Such a beautiful group of healers to nurture and guide us. Made’s light shone brightly . The remedy I very much needed!

Thank you Mitch 🙏 “

Mary – Australia


“I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Bali Holistic Retreat all the way from Australia, and I must say, it was a truly remarkable experience. This was my first time at a retreat and my first time in Bali, and I couldn’t be happier that I made the journey. Despite significant flight delays, upon my arrival I was warmly welcomed by a driver who promptly whisked me away to the beautiful villas.

Throughout the entire week, every aspect of the retreat was impeccably organised and executed.

The villas were beautiful with large rooms, air conditioning and private spaces. The serene surroundings were extremely relaxing and the pools were great to cool down in.

One of the highlights of the retreat was the outstanding food served daily. The variety and deliciousness of the meals were truly impressive. Having the luxury of not worrying about meal preparation for six full days was incredibly restorative to my soul, especially as a busy mum.

However, the true magic of the retreat lay in the incredible array of healers that Mitch had assembled. These masterful practitioners, with their kind and wholehearted sharing of their gifts, made me, as someone with limited knowledge of energy healing, feel embraced and cared for. The healing effects I experienced during my time there were profound, and I am immensely grateful to both the healers and Mitch for bringing the best of the best to this retreat.

I met some beautiful people and learned from others in the group as well as felt their support, thank you fellow retreaters.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mitch for his exceptional care and consideration in creating this wonderful retreat. To anyone contemplating attending, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take that leap of faith and book your spot.
You won’t regret it. Thank you, Bali Holistic Retreat, for an unforgettable experience.”

Aasta – Australia


“🌴 Jet-Setting Delight | 🌟 Villa Vibes:
I hopped off a plane from the Philippines, and despite the late hour, Mitch had my back with seamless airport transfers. Superb start! Our abode was nothing short of spectacular. Pristine and sprawling. The cleanliness was impeccable!

🤩The Marvelous Mitch:
Our host, Mitch, was a revelation. His wit and wisdom were simply amazing. A blend of humor and intellect made him the perfect companion. You’re in for a treat! (I miss our talks, my friend!)

🧘‍♀️ Retreat Rhapsody | 🙏 Healing Horizons |🌍 A Gathering of Kindred Spirits:
This retreat was out-of-this-world! What I cherished the most was the absence of anyone shoving beliefs down my throat. Mitch introduced us to different healing modalities. I’ve finally conquered my fears and tamed those unnecessary emotions. A breakthrough, for sure. I crossed paths with some extraordinary souls, both locals and newfound friends from AU, Aasta, Mary, Heather, and Jenny. The healers exuded authenticity, and it’s genuinely inspiring how Mitch has created this haven.

Mind, Body, and Soul Rejuvenation:
The transformation I witnessed and experienced was beyond words. It was a life-changing journey, affecting my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being in ways I never dreamed possible.

🍽️ Culinary Delights:
Kudos to Made and Wayan for dishing up delectable, nourishing meals daily. I can’t help but miss those culinary masterpieces! (I miss you, lovely ladies!)

🐶 Cruz, the Canine Companion:
And then there’s Cruz, Mitch’s lovable furball. What an amazing, tail-wagging bonus to an already fantastic experience!
In a nutshell, this retreat is a game-changer! Mitch and his incredible team have curated something truly extraordinary. Take advantage of the opportunity to embark on your life-changing adventure!”

Nina – Philippines


“This is my second healing retreat with Mitch and his amazing team of healers – as a Reiki Master myself, it’s so important for me to have my energies pure and balanced.
Mitch is dedicated to sourcing the “right” balance through giving us his varied group of dedicated healers.

Having individual and private healings with his varied and experienced modalities, as well as group healings and planned days out with local healers – is very special.

I’ve come home to Australia revitalised, balanced and ready to share my higher inner connection with source.

This retreat is for anyone – looking to find their spirit within, or be guided on a new healthful path or just find out a little more about themselves.

Thank you Mitch and your in-depth team of healers.

I’ll be back again 🙏”

Heather – Australia

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