July (late) 2023 Retreat

Thanks Lorena, Rachel, Stew, Chris, Moetu and Karen for leaving the shores of NZ & Australia to join us for the late July retreat. Some fabulous results, clarity & wonderful experiences for all and a ‘shout out’ to our amazing healers and therapists for what they’re able to achieve with all the guests.


“My experience with Mitch and his team at Bali Holistic Retreat was exceptional. Mitch creates a safe and welcoming space where you immediately feel comfortable and at ease. Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey, or you are well down the path, you will truly enjoy each of the holistic/spiritual healing sessions and experiences that make up this retreat. Nothing is rammed down your throat here – you are provided the space to deeply connect with yourself and explore a range of healings that feel comfortable to you. For me, this was exactly the environment I was after. The other highlight you will experience is the food!!! Every meal has a sense of anticipation, wondering what delightful cuisine you’ll be enjoying. Each meal is accompanied by a range of cleansing juices and teas, ensuring you’re taking care of your body, as well as your mind and spirit. If you’re looking for a genuine, safe and welcoming retreat to re-connect with yourself and really experience healing, then this is the retreat for you. So long as you can handle Mitch’s dad jokes, you’ll love everything about this beautiful place.”

Stew Hawkey – Australia


“What an incredible week it has been, surrounded by amazing individuals. The villas provided a serene haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Mitch shared insightful wisdom that helped me transform many of my outdated belief systems that were holding me back. The staff’s sincerity and compassion were palpable. They genuinely wanted to assist each person and tailored their support to individual needs. The healers were truly remarkable. Despite encountering numerous skilled healers over the past two decades, none have compared to those I encountered during this retreat. These healers offered me the missing puzzle pieces I’ve been searching for throughout my life. I want to emphasize that this retreat marked a pivotal, life-altering moment that bestowed upon me a lasting sense of serenity, for which I’m forever thankful. Adding to the experience were the wonderful people drawn to this retreat. I must admit I wasn’t certain about the individuals I’d meet. Yet, each person present exuded beauty and their presence enriched my own healing journey. Learning from their stories, experiencing their care and affection, I found myself opening up even more for profound healing. With heartfelt gratitude, I extend my thanks to Mitch and his exceptional team for orchestrating this transformative retreat. My hope is that they continue to offer this service, enabling more individuals to forge deep connections with themselves and uncover inner peace and healing.”

Chris Pham – Australia


“Well, what can I say… do yourself a kindness and just fo this retreat! It is magical. I went in with no expectations and Mitch and his beautiful team exceeded anything and everything I thought it could have possibly been. The food was divine…fresh and flavoursome! My co-retreaters were very special people that I will never forget. Don’t wait for the right time…it may never be. I can assure you though the right will be AT THE RETREAT! Don’t deny yourself… “

Lorena Trovato – Australia


“I attended Mitch’s retreat in July 2023 and have waited a couple of months to write this review to see how I felt about the retreat after returning to my regular life. I found the retreat to be fantastic while I was there. Mitch has put together a highly skilled group of healers from many backgrounds and disciplines. You are immersed in a variety of healing modalities throughout the week that together bring a level of healing that cannot be matched by each one alone. This is carefully orchestrated and watched over by Mitch to make sure that each participant is receiving the best treatments for their situation. The food was outstanding and the team’s care of us was warm and wonderful. The accommodation is spacious, clean and very peaceful. But has it actually changed my life? The simple answer is yes. I came with an open mind, but no real knowledge of the different healings offered. I was hopeful of change but trying not to be too optimistic. I was very stressed and overwhelmed by issues in my life that I could not change and had shut down. During this week I was able to become calm, resolve issues in ways I had not expected and come away with some skills and a different way of looking at my world and the purpose of my life. My life has been profoundly changed, I have continued to meditate each day, pray and feel that I am able to face my challenges better and access assistance. My crippling anxiety, which I have dealt with for six years is still gone and I have been able to deal with situations without it returning. I cannot recommend this retreat more highly. Its special format works and provides healing in ways that may surprise you. “

Karen Bailey – Australia

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