July (early) Retreat 2023

Our 6 guests for this retreat hailed from USA, England, Germany, Holland & Australia. A big thanks to Kim, Sara, D’Arcy, Thom, Hanah & Michiko for making it to Bali for the early July retreat and having such a fabulous, open approach to all they experienced. Their testimonies are below the pictures and we also thank them for the kind words. Everyone in this group has a lot to be proud of. Growth and peace are born from the bravery to look with fearless honesty.

“A life changing experience in the tranquility of a Balinese villa, hosted by the most wonderful collection of beings. During one week, you’ll be hosted by Mitch and his team. Mitch himself is the main host and a surprising human being, he knows how to talk and create a wonderful experience for everyone. He is supported by sweetest Ibu Made and Waylan who will support your physical body with the most delicious foods, juices and laughs every day. Last but not least is Cruz, the dog who walks around and keeps everything and everyone balanced and in place. For the lack of other words I would describe the retreat as a kick starter for a healthier and more spiritual life. Every day you are given experiences that will open your eyes for other ways of being and you will be inspired to use that into your life outside of the retreat. Wether it is the consistency of sleep, meditation every morning, energy healing or just eating healthy, you will take some of it home with you. Others have described the retreat as a spiritual Long Island Iced Tea. A hard cocktail of treatments, sessions and experiences that will have an impact on your soul, body and mind. My experience in the holistic retreat has been one that changed the relationship I have with myself, the world around me and the universe. I have seen life in a new light and I can not and will not go back to the old. I am forever grateful for all the people who were a part of my experience, and myself for giving this retreat is a chance. “

Thom Schrama – Netherlands

“After a rather intense, burnout-inducing year or two, it was fate that my search for a ‘healing retreat in Bali’ landed here. Mitch’s authenticity and no-nonsense attitude speaks to you on the pages of his retreat website, and I feel it really sets the tone for the experience ahead. On the surface it seems like the retreat will offer a mere taster of a variety of healing modalities. Yet somehow the combination of everything offers a much deeper, personalised journey, where each experience leads into the next to offer a blend of surprising and sometimes awe-inspiring insights on the path to self-discovery and energetic healing. It was an absolute pleasure to share the experience with my fellow retreat companions too. I loved how quickly we began to bond and share our insights and discoveries after each new experience. The daily breakfast, lunch and dinner gatherings further consolidated this sense of connection and unity. Not to mention the amazing hospitality and delicious, wholesome, healing food prepared by Ibu Made and Wayan. I left feeling really spoiled in a good way, and missing their rainbow plate of healthy, tasty treats and therapeutic wisdom. I could write more and more about this experience but instead it’s best to summarise it in one last paragraph. This retreat for me is the definition of holistic healing and I left literally buzzing, feeling lighter, joyful and operating on a much higher frequency than when I arrived. Writing this a couple of weeks later, having travelled back to Singapore to pack up my life and then move across the globe with my husband, cat and 3 suitcases, I can honestly say I am still holding on to the ‘white light’, essential teachings and insights (which were plenty) from the 6-7 days of this retreat. Thank you so much Mitch, all the healers and wonderful friends I shared this experience with. I am still holding on to my green ‘heart of Bali’ and will return to see you again soon ”

Michiko Fujii – England

“This retreat was truly wonderful! An intense week of digging deep and letting go. I had some very profound moments throughout the week that I have no words to even begin to explain. You have to see it / feel it for yourself to believe it! I felt shifts within my mind and energy field within the first day. The healers are incredible and the staff are absolutely beautiful! Every meal was exceptional! A great way to start kick start your healing journey! ”

D’Arcy– Australia

“This retreat exceeded all my expectations. I had read the reviews on Google before going and was curious. I can only agree that this week changed my life! There are no words to describe what I saw and experienced with this amazing group of healers. I gained so much insight into my true self, met amazing people along the way and took home tools to stay in a healthy and positive state of mind. A big thank you to everyone on this wonderful team! “

Hannah Droste – Germany

“Reading these reviews before I went on this retreat, I thought that “life changing” was a big statement. But now that the retreat is over, life changing is exactly what this retreat is. I have so much gratitude that I came across this retreat at just the perfect moment, when I needed it the most. This retreat truly changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone without hesitation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mitch and all the beautiful wonderful souls who take part in this. I am eternally grateful. Also a huge thank you to Cruz aka “Bear”. I will never forget anyone of you. ”

Sara Sherman– USA

“Words cannot express the life changing experience I was so fortunate to take part of during this retreat. Mitch and his staff provided 5 star service every step of the way. Every meal was healthy, yet tasty, and freshly prepared three times a day. The retreat itself provided life changing experiences that you would have to experience to believe. The mental, physical and spiritual healing I experienced and witnessed was comparable to nothing I’ve ever witnessed or experienced in my life. Whether you are already on the road to your journey, or attempting to figure it all out, this retreat is for you! Definitely one of Bali’s hidden gems. Thank you Mitch, Made’ and staff for a mind blowing experience! ”

Kim Watson– USA