MAY 2022 Retreat

Thank you to Hayley, Rachel, Sally and Jacynthe for joining us on the first full retreat since March 2020. Was a pleasure to re-start and work with these lovely people.


This retreat was amazing, it’s a life changing experience and you won’t regret it. The villa is beautiful with spacious rooms and lovely bathrooms.
The meals are delicious and healthy authentically cooked Indonesian food. Mitch is a great facilitator, he’s funny and really takes the time to get to know each of his guests. If you’re just starting to dip your toe into the “spiritual waters” he serves as a great guide and is unafraid to candidly share his personal experiences.
And the healers… wow! Like nothing I have ever experienced before. Every day uncovered something unique for me to heal. I feel much lighter and healthier after just one week. Would definitely go again 🙂

Hayley 5/23/20222


For the first time in my whole life, and to celebrate my 40th birthday, I decided to attend a retreat. I needed this time alone, off my way too much busy life. Wasn’t looking for just some kind of yoga retreat…wanted something more complete. That is exactly what I found at Mitch’s place.

I am from Canada and even if this place is more than 30 hours flight and 12 hours jet lag for me, I would go back anytime.

Had such great experiences…much more than what I was expecting. Met GREAT people. Words are hard to find to describe the week I had over there but let me just say I would recommend the Bali Holistic Retreat to my dearest friends and family members.

Jacynthe, Canada