January 2023 Retreat

Our guests from Germany & Australia joined us on January 8th 2023 and so began a wonderful week of healing, laughing, camaraderie and a few surprises. Thank you so much to Olivia, Jenny and Iman for making such an enjoyable retreat possible.


“I can only recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking for a new world of clarity and wellness. What a wonderful and intense week. Working with so many healers in such a short amount of time is an experience that is hard to describe. You have to feel this. I also felt at home in the resort. Everyone has their own space where they can relax and have time to process. The food was wonderful, healthy and is made with a lot of love. Thank you Made and Wayan. Mitch is a wonderful and lovely person who not only makes you laugh, but also shares many interesting stories from his life. 5 stars out of 5 and I would happily give many more!”

Jenny Fuchs(Germany)


“Had an amazing experience, from start to finish. This retreat was a great balance of lightheartedness and laughs, as well as deep discussions and healing. Rooms were spacious and we were well looked after and fed by Mitch, Ibu Made and Wayan. The healing itinerary was varied, and whilst there was an intense amount of healing it was well-paced. The calibre of healers are second to none, this retreat was really an unforgettable experience. Highly recommend for those beginning their spiritual journey, as well as those that are quite deep into it.”

Olivia Chaisumdet (Australia)