February 2024 Retreat

A huge thanks to our guests from Sth Africa, Australia, Indonesia & New Zealand. Moipone, Paula, Tracy, Andree, Jamie & Nikita. There were plenty of laughs and adventures with this group and the staff really enjoyed the whole week too. Thanks for what all 6 guests brought here and the growth we know all experienced.

“Seven years ago I stumbled upon this retreat by chance and it changed my life ❤️ seven years later here I am again and the changes I feel this time are even more profound.

If I can recommend anything that will take you back to soul this is absolutely it. Words can’t describe the changes and the experiences you undergo while attending this retreat.

Personally I believe everyone should do this 🙏 I have been on many retreats and even hosted my own and nothing compares to what this retreat offers and the life changing experience you will have.

If you are craving to find yourself or your path go onto this website and book”

Tracy – Australia

”Since my return I have had so many messages, calls and chats about Holistic Retreat Bali.
Yes it’s totally life changing for those that are ready for change. It is the best investment you ever make in yourself and for your loved one. You will come back a better person for it.

The change in my person, guts, mind, body, heart and spirit is just incredible.
I have been seeing doctors for so many years with health and guts issues I have never felt better after 1 week ! I have NO inflammation… my whole diet has changed for the better have NEVER felt better after feeling so unwell for so long !!

I have been down the antidepressant road.. been to a few different councillors after 30 years of grief, sometimes depression and anxiety.

My heart is healed; my mind has never been clearer… for the first time in a million years… I haven’t cried for 2 weeks only happy tears… and now making changes to keep working on me.
I have never laughed so much around a table at dinner.. Food was incredible… the ladies are all over it… you will never go hungry !! Banter was gold ! Mitch you are truly a great bloke in my book for eternity I will be so grateful.

Thank you for the opportunity to change my life…

So the answer is YES !!! Invest in the best investment you can make.. Yourself”

Paula, Australia.

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