Past Retreats

March 2020 Retreat

Our March retreat was blessed to receive 2 guests from Canada and Australia. They were wonderful at exploring everything & anything outside their safety zone. ‚ÄčThank you ladies for staying true to self and joining us. Both are already missed here.  Maureen 3/18/2020 02:00:37 am I was very blessed and humbled to be part ofContinue reading

February 2020 Retreat

Thank you to Heidi, Mel, Shay, Susan & Jake for joining us on the February 2020 retreat. We here at Holistic Retreat Bali wish you all a happy and serene path as you continue to practice what you discovered here. Thanks also for the laughs … there were many! Shay Pacetti – 3/11/2020 My experienceContinue reading

December 2019 Retreat

The exact right people at the perfect time came together for the last retreat of 2019.  Nick, Jeff, Glenda, Marina & Jody. You didn’t bring the rain we needed but you sure brought some laughs and healing. Thank you. Jeff – 3/1/2020 This retreat was truly a blessing in my life. Mitch is gifted atContinue reading