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March 2020 Retreat

Our March retreat was blessed to receive 2 guests from Canada and Australia. They were wonderful at exploring everything & anything outside their safety zone. ​Thank you ladies for staying true to self and joining us. Both are already missed here.    I was very blessed and humbled to be part of such a wonderfulContinue reading

February 2020 Retreat

Thank you to Heidi, Mel, Shay, Susan & Jake for joining us on the February 2020 retreat. We here at Holistic Retreat Bali wish you all a happy and serene path as you continue to practice what you discovered here. Thanks also for the laughs … there were many! My experience with Mitch and hisContinue reading

December 2019 Retreat

The exact right people at the perfect time came together for the last retreat of 2019.  Nick, Jeff, Glenda, Marina & Jody. You didn’t bring the rain we needed but you sure brought some laughs and healing. Thank you. This retreat was truly a blessing in my life. Mitch is gifted at bringing the rightContinue reading

Late November 2019 Retreat

Late November Retreat 2019 For our late Nov 2019 retreat we welcomed 5 guests. Thank you to Karen, Poppy, Tracey, Yanling & Johnathon for making it such a fun and productive week. Enjoy your new found freedom!

Early November 2019 Retreat

Nov (early) 2019 Retreat – Sanur, Bali We welcomed two wonderful guests for the early November retreat. Some late cancellations gave Hazel & Tana (and us!) the opportunity to bond even closer whilst focusing intently on personal growth and healing. Thank you ladies. It was a great week. Just for now, I would like toContinue reading

October 2019 Retreat

October 2019 Retreat – Sanur, Bali Our October retreat welcomed guests from NZ, Canada, Germany & Australia. Thank you to Teresa, Ashley, Pinio, Katy & Darrien for allowing us into your lives on a deep level. All the very best implementing those insights and life tools you worked so hard to receive.

Late September 2019 Retreat

September (late) Retreat 2019 – Sanur Our 6 guests for the late September retreat hailed from NZ, USA & Australia. A huge thanks to Paula, Tracy, Maria, Karen, Eva & Clare for making it a great week. A special thanks also to Tameera Kemp for joining us as a therapist for this retreat. The guestsContinue reading

Early September 2019 Retreat

Early Sept Retreat, 2019 – Sanur Thank you to our two guests who travelled all the way from England to join us and our Australian guests also. Kristi, Mathew, Meilee & Jasprit … we genuinely hope your journey has become a little clearer. See you again whenever you return to Bali.

August 2019 Retreat

August 2019 Retreat – Sanur Definitely no shyness issues with the August 2019 retreat guests. A HUGE thanks to Colin, Helen, Arzu, Matthias, Deb & Nikki for bringing their perfect blend of energies … making this week so much fun and creating an environment conjucive to such wonderful growth for all.

July 2019 Retreat

July 2019 Retreat – Sanur, Bali Our July retreat was an all Australian and NZ gathering. Thank you so much to Georgia, Michele, Telicia, Suzy, Michelle & Joy. We gave it our best and know you did too. Bali’s retail figures will sure take a dive now you’ve all gone. All the very best onContinue reading

June 2019 Retreat

Our 6 guests for the June 2019 retreat gelled beautifully and quickly. We like to think the energy at the villas is nurturing and healthy to begin with, however these guests not only enhanced it but created their own vibration … including lots of laughs. Thank you to Lynda, Sue, Amit, Jacqui, Kim and Anne.Continue reading

May 2019 Retreat

May 2019 Retreat – Villa Paradise, Sanur It was the Aussies & Kiwis turn for the May, 2019 retreat. Allot of laughs and healing. Big thanks to Elise, Steph, Samantha, Donna, Alex and Liz for creating an environment perfect for learning and growth whilst having fun along the way. All the very best to youContinue reading

April 2019 Retreat

April 2019 Retreat – Sanur From the USA, England & Australia our guests arrived in Bali for the April retreat. Caron, Christen, Jo, Jesstar, Richard and Ellie … a sincere thanks for the effort getting here and giving the healing every opportunity to be effective in your lives. We wish you peace and love onContinue reading

March 2019 Retreat

March 2019 Retreat, Sanur, Bali To our March 2019 guests … thank for you coming all the way to Bali and opening your mind and heart to what is on offer here. Vicky, Kate, Amanda, Renee, Chris and Kerry … may your path forward look just that little bit brighter now.

February 2019 Retreat

February 2019 Retreat, Sanur The February retreat 2019 was a shining example of just how well couples, mother / daughters and solo travellers can mix, laugh and grow together in harmony. Thank you to Glen, Jeanne, Oceana, Melanie, Lacey and Katherine for making this month beautiful. Sincere best wishes on your respective journeys. USA, CanadaContinue reading

January 2019 Retreat

January 2019 Retreat – Sanur Every retreat has a different dynamic depending on numbers and personalities. Our 2 guests for January were the perfect fit in all ways. Linda and Linda. Thanks to both of you for getting our 2019 off to a fabulous start. We enjoyed it as much as we think you did.Continue reading

December 2018 Retreat

Dec 16 – 22, 2018 Retreat, Sanur Thanks so much to Pam, Gloria, Laura and Katrina who joined us for the December 2018 retreat. Mother / Daughter combo worked beautifully (as it always does) and our other 2 guests seemed like part of the family too. Wishing all four of you the best for yourContinue reading

Nov 25 – Dec 1 Retreat 2018

Nov 25 – Dec 1 2018 Retreat, Sanur, Bali Our 5 guests for the late Nov 2018 retreat hailed from NZ, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia. Thanks so much to Jess, Helga, Flurin, Bala and Evie for making it a fantastic week. A great group who accepted what came their way and gave their all.Continue reading

November 4th – 10th Retreat 2018

Nov 4th – 10th Retreat Sanur 2018 A big thanks to Kami, Marilyn. Tiari, Stacy, Sharon and Grant for putting all they had into the week here. It sure was a a retreat packed with surprises, insights, healing and alot of laughs. So great to see complete ‘strangers’ gel so quickly and closely. All hereContinue reading

October 2018 Retreat

Oct 2018 Retreat, Sanur, Bali Thank you to Andrea, Tina and Kelsey for attending the October 2018 retreat here in Sanur, Bali. Australia, the Philippines and Canada all represented with 3 ladies who gave it their all. May you take what was useful and wield it to change your life in the areas you seeContinue reading

September 2018 Retreat

Sept 2018 Retreat, Sanur, Bali A smaller group didn’t stop us from all having a great time and learning experience. Thanks to Anayeli from the USA and Josh from Australia for joining us here in Sanur, Bali. Two souls destined for a wonderful future and a life of service to others … should they choose.

August 2018 Retreat

August 5 – 11, 2018 Retreat, Sanur Thanks to Kristy, Krissy, Erin, Lindi, Mary and Pauline for joining the August Holistic Retreat Bali. Apart from a first night earthquake and a couple of other challenges … all guests left us with greater wellness and clarity than when they arrived. Thank you ladies and all theContinue reading

July 2018 Retreat

July 22-28 Retreat 2018 – Sanur To our July retreat guests who travelled from the UK, USA, NZ, Singapore and Australia to experience the week here … thank you. Tania, Eliza, Caroline, Lynne, Malgorzata and Poonam. Lots of laughs and shared healing experiences … myself and all the staff here wish you continued growth andContinue reading

June 24-30 Retreat 2018

June 24-30 Retreat 2018 Sanur, Bali To our guests who arrived here for the 2nd retreat in June … thank you so much. Tally, Nikki, Andrea, Clara, Mandy & Debbie. Australia, NZ and England. We know the success of this retreat was mainly due to alot of laughs and open attitudes. That always works!

June (early), 2018 Retreat

June (early), 2018 Retreat, “Villa Paradise”, Sanur, Bali. Our 6 guests joined us from Australia, NZ and England for a fabulous week. Kirsten, Brie, Katherine, Anna, Cara and Stephanie. We had a great time and alot of laughs during a fairly intense program of healing and therapies. All the very best ladies and thanks forContinue reading

April 29 – May 5, 2018 Retreat

April 29 – May 5, 2018 Retreat, Sanur To the ‘fearless five’ (well almost) a huge thanks for attending the April 29 retreat and …. for all the many laughs and fellowship. All of us here had a great time ‘working’ with you and of course, here’s to a very bright future for everyone. Meghan,Continue reading

April 2018 Retreat

April 2018 Retreat – Sanur ‘Villa Paradise’ Many thanks to Ingrid, Dyna, Linda, Tracey, Amanda and Dasha for making the trip here and for their inner journey over the week in Villa Paradise. Switzerland, USA, UK & Australia all represented and as always, a guest’s origins meant very little very quickly. The common bonds ofContinue reading

March 2018 Retreat

March 2018 Retreat – Sanur To Marilyn, Nancy and Monique, thank you for showing us all what willingness and openness looks like. All of us here at HRB enjoyed your company and progress immensely. We send our love with you back to Holland, Canada and Australia.

Feb 2018 Retreat

February 2018 Villa Paradise, Sanur The first retreat at Villa Paradise as the permanent venue for Holistic Retreat Bali. A perfect mix of energies and personalities makes it easy in saying thank you to Misti, Nathalia, Gabriel and Sonje for joining us for the February retreat. It was a real pleasure for the staff andContinue reading