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August 2023 Retreat

A big thank you to Diane, Georgia, Antoinette, Friederike, Justus and Shelly for flying in from HK, Germany, Holland & Australia for our August retreat. All staff and healers wish you heart felt peace and success for your onward journey.   “Everything about this retreat was such an incredible experience. I was looking for somethingContinue reading

July (late) 2023 Retreat

Thanks Lorena, Rachel, Stew, Chris, Moetu and Karen for leaving the shores of NZ & Australia to join us for the late July retreat. Some fabulous results, clarity & wonderful experiences for all and a ‘shout out’ to our amazing healers and therapists for what they’re able to achieve with all the guests.   “MyContinue reading

July (early) Retreat 2023

Our 6 guests for this retreat hailed from USA, England, Germany, Holland & Australia. A big thanks to Kim, Sara, D’Arcy, Thom, Hanah & Michiko for making it to Bali for the early July retreat and having such a fabulous, open approach to all they experienced. Their testimonies are below the pictures and we alsoContinue reading

June 2023 Retreat

To our 6 guests who made the June 2023 retreat so fun, thank you. Vijay, Chloe, Chris, Shini, Alissa and Tanika. Australia, Singapore, Fiji, England and USA all represented for what was a really rewarding week …for guests and staff. We loved having you all and hope to meet again one day soon. “An amazingContinue reading

May 2023 Retreat

Thank you to Jaspal, Paramase, Sarah, Kate, Chanfang and Annie for joining us from all over the globe. Such a fabulous blending of personalities and unique gifts. All here at HRB wish all six ladies every success and happiness. “Absolutely amazing, I would highly recommend I got so much out of this retreat.” Kate SpackmanContinue reading

March 2023 Retreat

Thank you to Agnes, Marushka, Anna and Ashwaq for all making long journeys for the Holistic Retreat Bali. All enjoyed the group dynamic, variety of experiences and revelations. As is so often the case, the guests all complimented / supported each other. Thank you again ladies. “The Bali Holistic Retreat is located in Villa ParadiseContinue reading

February 2023 Retreat

Many thanks to our five February 2023 guests for making the journey here. Sonia, Ginni. Warren. Stephanie, and Miriam. There is always something different and wonderful happens and this retreat certainly provided new experiences. Five people from four different countries, and yet without exception, all global boundaries disappear as all understand we are one. TheContinue reading

January 2023 Retreat

Our guests from Germany & Australia joined us on January 8th 2023 and so began a wonderful week of healing, laughing, camaraderie and a few surprises. Thank you so much to Olivia, Jenny and Iman for making such an enjoyable retreat possible.   “I can only recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking forContinue reading

December 2022 Retreat

Thank you to our 5 guests who made Holistic Retreat Bali their December, 2022 destination. From Sth Africa, Canada, Scotland, Germany & Switzerland. We wish Kate, Elliott, Sinead, Katrin & Sandro all the very best and a peaceful future.

October 2022 Retreat

We have our first group of friends for the September 30 retreat. To Yvonne, Zoe, Maggie, Caron, Gert and Maria. Thanks for bringing so much energy and willingness. Lots of laughs between intense healing sessions. We all wish you an amazing future.   Upon approaching the retreat , I had butterflies was a tad nervousContinue reading

September 2022 Retreat

A huge thanks to Daniel, Jordan, Rachel, Catherine, Dave and Anna for making the trip to Bali for the September 2022 retreat. Great mix of energies and personalities made for a really enjoyable week … for staff as well. We wish all 6 guests the very best in personal success and happiness.   The retreatContinue reading

July (late) Retreat 2022

What a terrific group for our 2nd July ’22 retreat. From USA, Australia and NZ We welcomed Liz, Alex, Sono, Kaye and Matt. Lots of laughs and plenty of healing … these guests brought a great group energy to Bali and … to us. Thank you.   10/10!! It’s hard to put the amazing experienceContinue reading

July (early) 2022 Retreat

We welcomed 6 guests for the early July retreat. A big thanks to Luci, Macaulay, Anna, Lynne, Mary and Vanessa for making it a really enjoyable experience. Plent of laughs, insights and lots of healing. Love to all from all of us here.       GENERAL – Bali Holistic offered a 7 day retreatContinue reading

June 2022 Retreat

Thanks so much to Rebecca, Mia, Sylvia, Thato & Vicky for allowing us into their life and journey. Thanks also to Eef, for being such an amazing Facilitator

MAY 2022 Retreat

Thank you to Hayley, Rachel, Sally and Jacynthe for joining us on the first full retreat since March 2020. Was a pleasure to re-start and work with these lovely people.

March 2020 Retreat

Our March retreat was blessed to receive 2 guests from Canada and Australia. They were wonderful at exploring everything & anything outside their safety zone.

February 2020 Retreat

Thank you to Heidi, Mel, Shay, Susan & Jake for joining us on the February 2020 retreat. We here at Holistic Retreat Bali wish you all a happy and serene path as you continue to practice

December 2019 Retreat

The exact right people at the perfect time came together for the last retreat of 2019.  Nick, Jeff, Glenda, Marina & Jody. You didn’t bring the rain we needed

Late November 2019 Retreat

Late November Retreat 2019 For our late Nov 2019 retreat we welcomed 5 guests. Thank you to Karen, Poppy, Tracey, Yanling & Johnathon for making it such a fun

Early November 2019 Retreat

Nov (early) 2019 Retreat – Sanur, Bali We welcomed two wonderful guests for the early November retreat. Some late cancellations gave Hazel & Tana (and us!)

October 2019 Retreat

October 2019 Retreat – Sanur, Bali Our October retreat welcomed guests from NZ, Canada, Germany & Australia. Thank you to Teresa, Ashley, Pinio, Katy & Darrien

Late September 2019 Retreat

September (late) Retreat 2019 – Sanur Our 6 guests for the late September retreat hailed from NZ, USA & Australia. A huge thanks to Paula, Tracy, Maria, Karen, Eva & Clare

Early September 2019 Retreat

Early Sept Retreat, 2019 – Sanur Thank you to our two guests who travelled all the way from England to join us and our Australian guests also. Kristi, Mathew, Meilee & Jasprit …

August 2019 Retreat

August 2019 Retreat – Sanur Definitely no shyness issues with the August 2019 retreat guests. A HUGE thanks to Colin, Helen, Arzu, Matthias, Deb & Nikki

July 2019 Retreat

July 2019 Retreat – Sanur, Bali Our July retreat was an all Australian and NZ gathering. Thank you so much to Georgia, Michele, Telicia, Suzy, Michelle & Joy.

June 2019 Retreat

Our 6 guests for the June 2019 retreat gelled beautifully and quickly. We like to think the energy at the villas is nurturing and healthy to begin with, however these guests not only enhanced it

May 2019 Retreat

May 2019 Retreat – Villa Paradise, Sanur It was the Aussies & Kiwis turn for the May, 2019 retreat. Allot of laughs and healing. Big thanks to Elise, Steph, Samantha, Donna, Alex and Liz

April 2019 Retreat

April 2019 Retreat – Sanur From the USA, England & Australia our guests arrived in Bali for the April retreat. Caron, Christen, Jo, Jesstar, Richard and Ellie

March 2019 Retreat

March 2019 Retreat, Sanur, Bali To our March 2019 guests … thank for you coming all the way to Bali and opening your mind and heart to what is on offer here.

February 2019 Retreat

February 2019 Retreat, Sanur The February retreat 2019 was a shining example of just how well couples, mother / daughters and solo travellers can mix, laugh and grow together in harmony.

January 2019 Retreat

January 2019 Retreat – Sanur Every retreat has a different dynamic depending on numbers and personalities. Our 2 guests for January were the perfect fit in all ways. Linda and Linda.

December 2018 Retreat

Dec 16 – 22, 2018 Retreat, Sanur Thanks so much to Pam, Gloria, Laura and Katrina who joined us for the December 2018 retreat. Mother / Daughter combo worked beautifully (as it always does)

Nov 25 – Dec 1 Retreat 2018

Nov 25 – Dec 1 2018 Retreat, Sanur, Bali Our 5 guests for the late Nov 2018 retreat hailed from NZ, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia. Thanks so much

November 4th – 10th Retreat 2018

Nov 4th – 10th Retreat Sanur 2018 A big thanks to Kami, Marilyn. Tiari, Stacy, Sharon and Grant for putting all they had into the week here. It sure was a a retreat packed with surprises

October 2018 Retreat

Oct 2018 Retreat, Sanur, Bali Thank you to Andrea, Tina and Kelsey for attending the October 2018 retreat here in Sanur, Bali. Australia, the Philippines and Canada

September 2018 Retreat

Sept 2018 Retreat, Sanur, Bali A smaller group didn’t stop us from all having a great time and learning experience. Thanks to Anayeli from the USA and Josh from Australia

August 2018 Retreat

August 5 – 11, 2018 Retreat, Sanur Thanks to Kristy, Krissy, Erin, Lindi, Mary and Pauline for joining the August Holistic Retreat Bali. Apart from a first night earthquake

July 2018 Retreat

July 22-28 Retreat 2018 – Sanur To our July retreat guests who travelled from the UK, USA, NZ, Singapore and Australia to experience the week here … thank you.

June 24-30 Retreat 2018

June 24-30 Retreat 2018 Sanur, Bali To our guests who arrived here for the 2nd retreat in June … thank you so much. Tally, Nikki, Andrea, Clara, Mandy & Debbie. Australia, NZ and England.

June (early), 2018 Retreat

June (early), 2018 Retreat, “Villa Paradise”, Sanur, Bali. Our 6 guests joined us from Australia, NZ and England for a fabulous week. Kirsten, Brie, Katherine, Anna, Cara and Stephanie.

April 29 – May 5, 2018 Retreat

April 29 – May 5, 2018 Retreat, Sanur To the ‘fearless five’ (well almost) a huge thanks for attending the April 29 retreat and …. for all the many laughs and fellowship.

April 2018 Retreat

April 2018 Retreat – Sanur ‘Villa Paradise’ Many thanks to Ingrid, Dyna, Linda, Tracey, Amanda and Dasha for making the trip here and for their inner journey over the week in Villa Paradise.

March 2018 Retreat

March 2018 Retreat – Sanur To Marilyn, Nancy and Monique, thank you for showing us all what willingness and openness looks like. All of us here at HRB enjoyed your company

Feb 2018 Retreat

February 2018 Villa Paradise, Sanur The first retreat at Villa Paradise as the permanent venue for Holistic Retreat Bali. A perfect mix of energies and personalities makes it easy