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This time of isolation and enforced lock-down has been difficult for so many. We are rightfully advised by spiritual / psychology teachers that this presents a perfect opportunity to slow down, go within and reacquaint with your true self. We’re told it’s a wonderful time to address fears and old belief systems. All true.

However, just how do we do that? Whilst it’s true that for most that their hectic lifestyles have been slowed dramatically;, this doesn’t necessarily translate into less thinking / stress / worry. If anything, many people are experiencing more worry / uncertainty and have even more time to focus on those stresses.

We at Holistic Retreat Bali have some extraordinary healers / counsellors who have now made themselves available for online sessions. They’re here to guide and facilitate your healing. They are gifted and will provide specific ‘tools’ to assist you in using this time for much needed peace, understanding and insight.(Please browse the testimonials on our retreat page and read what has been achieved for so many others).

The healers are listed below with a short description of what is on offer during a session.Contact details are at the bottom of this page. Make an inquiry or a booking through email, phone or Whatsapp and we will reply within 12 hours. Usually much quicker. Your preferred time will be relayed to the relevant healer and confirmed shortly after, along with their video connection details.

All sessions are US$100 for one hour (often go longer). Tameera is US$110.

If you are called to do this then it’s probably a good indication you are ready. Let’s all emerge from this confusing time stronger, healthier and more insightful than ever before

(with Bridget)

Using advanced remote energetic connection techniques and kinesiology techniques, together we will address the identified goal or priority area you wish to work with for achieving your highest health and well-being.

These sessions aim to aid with deeper discovery, insight and understanding, increase awareness of solutions, employ balancing techniques, and consider other supportive tools and techniques for your ongoing success.

During the session you may be requested to follow guidance and demonstration to stimulate different acupressure and balancing points on your own body.

Naturopathic and Nutrition Consultation
(with Bridget)

These sessions are designed for those who wish to concentrate primarily on physical concerns. Together we will look at relevant medical history, medications, supplements, treatments, and daily averages in regards to nutritional intake and forms of exercise and any possible emotional components. The aim is to identify any areas of concerns and provide suggestions and guidance, creating a comprehensive and holistic approach to improve health and well-being.

Reiki & Shamanic Healing
(with Gabriela)

Hello , my name is Gabriela and I’d like to invite you to a magic carpet ride. I have been studying many years with various teachers how to ride this carpet. Access consciousness Bars, Body processes, Shamanism, EFT tapping, Master manifesting technique, Breath work , Power of mind, Reiki, Psychic readings and more.

I have been taking people and animals for healing rides for 4 years here in Bali and they all loved it.During the session I will use remote energy healing on you , as I’m able to sense your energy field even from great distance. We will release blocks, some beliefs, physical and emotional discomfort to ensure a magical , peaceful, happy life. I always finish up with a little Tarot card magic , as I find cards to be quite the quick fix for some unknown subconscious beliefs.

Anything you need to prepare for this ride? Set up intention what you want to work on … leave the rest to me … and trust … a whole new world is just around the corner.

Chinese Holistic Health
(with Jonwin)

Discover your true nature and design the life you love ….Greetings. My name is Jonwin Lee and I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine as well as a practitioner and teacher of Chinese Metaphysics … including Astrology, Feng Shui and I Ching. Chinese Medicine is truly holistic in its approach and believes that body, mind, spirits are all interlinked.

An unresolved past issue or inner wound from childhood is often the source contributing to blocks in our energyb( qi) which ultimately leads a person into sickness , stress, depression and many other connected physical / mental challenges. Unless completely resolved, the symptoms and behavioural patterns will continue to manifest. In order to clear blocks and patterns, one needs to stop looking for the answers, and instead focus on working internally.

By learning and understanding your patterns, you will clear and transform those deep, unseen wounds into bliss, happiness and harmony … according to the universal laws. Through my application of ancient Chinese arts and sciences I will assist you in discovering your gifts and an understanding of your unique life path and balance. With humility I say this as I have achieved it with so many.

Astrology & Intuitive Guidance
(with Tameera)

My name is Tameera and for over 20 years I have brought healing, insight, clarity and empowerment to thousands worldwide. Through your name and birth-date, I receive a clear picture – it’s how I receive this intuitive guidance for you. I specialise in compatibility, relationships, life direction, career, home energies, significant dates, names and changes. I have conducted readings for staff at leading Australian magazines and television media.

I love working with all walks of life and find the accuracy behind my work never ceases to amaze clients. I bring further healing through the Light Language and dowsing with profound insight dating back thousands of years to Atlantis as a record keeper. You’ll receive your personal soul blueprint and birth-chart with life changing guidance recorded as part of your consultation.

“You are my queen. Look how right you are about everything. Seriously you should get a medal for being so amazing. Check this out. You saved me.”
– Yasmin Jade Kassim ~ Hollywood Actress and Miss Universe Runner Up

Mediumship & Healing
(with Nash)

My name is Nash Thoars. I have been healing for 16 years and experienced many life changing moments with various clients suffering challenging and complicated ailments and destructive patterning.

My healing has taken me all over the world. I heal in two primary ways. The first as a Trance Medium where I channel “ascended beings” (spirits) through me, to communicate with you. The second is as a medical intuitive where I ‘hear’ (also referred to as “downloads”) what is happening within my clients bodies and their energetic fields, through the words and concepts given to me during these downloads.

I have been able to assist in the recovery of breast cancers, hepatitis, clearing soul agreements or emotional wounds, whilst also helping lift peoples dimensional frequency to a much high vibration.I do believe we can get through almost anything together from the willingness by both parties. I look forward to our paths crossing.

Holistic Counselling & Meditation
(with Mitch)

My name is Mitch and I am the Facilitator of the Holistic Retreat Bali. There is a page about me on this website with more information if you wish, The Facilitator.

In short, I listen to your story and assist you with areas you feel you’re having difficulty with … guiding you toward peace, acceptance and … solutions. If you desire to also learn meditation, I am quite happy to suggest the appropriate approach and method specifically for you.

Phone / Whatsapp message: 6281236057888
Email: info@baliholistic.com

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