Welcome to The Holistic Retreat Bali online healing / conselling options.

This time of isolation and enforced lock-down has been difficult for so many. We are rightfully advised by spiritual / psychology teachers that this presents a perfect opportunity to slow down, go within and reacquaint with your true self. We’re told it’s a wonderful time to address fears and old belief systems. All true.

However, just how do we do that? Whilst it’s true that for most that their hectic lifestyles have been slowed dramatically;, this doesn’t necessarily translate into less thinking / stress / worry. If anything, many people are experiencing more worry / uncertainty and have even more time to focus on those stresses.

We at Holistic Retreat Bali have some extraordinary healers / counsellors who have now made themselves available for online sessions. They’re here to guide and facilitate your healing. They are gifted and will provide specific ‘tools’ to assist you in using this time for much needed peace, understanding and insight.
(Please browse the testimonials on our retreat page and read what has been achieved for so many others).

The healers are listed below with a short description of what is on offer during a session.
Contact details are at the bottom of this page. Make an inquiry or a booking through email, phone or Whatsapp and we will reply within 12 hours. Usually much quicker. Your preferred time will be relayed to the relevant healer and confirmed shortly after, along with their video connection details.

All sessions are US$100 for one hour (often go longer). Tameera is US$110.


If you are called to do this then it’s probably a good indication you are ready.

Let’s all emerge from this confusing time stronger,

healthier and more insightful than ever before.

I loved everything about this retreat! From the moment I arrived, I felt completely relaxed and therefore able to benefit from all the amazing experiences that appeared before me; to be able to try so very many different healing modalities was incredible and immensely beneficial. Having been through quite a difficult time, I was made to feel very safe and supported both by Mitch and my fellow retreaters for which I am truly grateful. I am sure that feeling of safety facilitated the speed of my healing. I would recommend Bali Holistic to anyone. Mitch has provided a sanctuary that I did not know existed.


–   Katrina McCrossan, September, 2019 Retreat